By Runoko Rashidi

Thus, to this end, let us began where the genesis and creation of the first human beings (Homo Sapiens) fossil remains have been found and accurately dated at 3.5 million years, through the use of the Radio Potassium Argon method.   Drs. Richard and Mary Leakey, world renowned anthropologists were the first Europeans to make such finds of Black African fossil remains around the Great Lakes in East Africa (Times Magazine, March 14, 1994, p. 45, USA).   According to the Leakey’s, this ancient African human was a female, walking upright like modern humans, today (Dr. Mary Leakey, Serronghetti Plains, Tanzania, where fossil remains were found); Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, p 11, Lawrence Hills books, 1991, USA; Dr. Charles Finch III (M.D.), Echoes of the Old Darkland-Themes from the African Eden, 1991, pp. 1-57, Kenti Inc., USA, and John Jackson. Man, God and Civilization, pp. 16-28, Carol Publishing Group, 1990, N.Y., USA).

Humankind born around the Great Lakes Region of Africa, almost on the equator, is necessarily pigmented and Black; the ‘Gloger Law’ calls for warm-blooded animals to be pigmented in a hot and humid climate (Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, p. 11).  A recently released report in The Journal Nature describes the discovery of three humanoid skulls, two adults and one child in the Herto Middle Awash area of Ethiopia, dating back to between 5.2 and 5.8 million years ago (University of California, Berkeley, March 20, 2002).

Black African Early Presence Around The Earth-Europe

Around 50,000 years Before Present (B.P.), during the Upper Paleolithic Period, Black Africoid people arrived from Africa and the Southern Hemisphere into Europe via the Straits of Gibraltar and the Isthmus of Suez.  Today, Palaeo, Physical and Forensic Anthropology, as well as Prehistoric-Archaeology have definitively proven that the Black Africoids’ presence and culture was supreme and spread throughout the entire Earth, long before the arrival of Aryan-Whites (Europeans, today) and Mongoloid-Asians.   In fact, such Africoid cultural traces have been found all over Europe and Asia, from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain), to Lake Baykal in Siberia, passing through France, Austria, the Crimea and Basin of Don, today’s Russia (Dr. Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, p 15, 1991; Dr. C. Finch, Echoes of the Old Darkland-Themes From the African Eden, 1991, Kenti, Inc., USA, and Ghana Daily Graphic Newspaper, “Europe Founded By Few hundred Africans?” April 24th, 2001, No. 148197, Accra, Ghana.

Also, geneticist, Dr. Luigi Cavelli Sforza of Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, states that the Caucasoid (Aryan-Whites) and Mongoloid (yellow race) did not come on the Earth until about 26,000 years Before Present.   These two racial groups are the products of the Black Africoids’ mutation during the last Ice Age (Dr. Luigi Cavelli Sforza, New York Times Newspaper, July 27th, 1993, article: “A Geneticist Maps Ancient Migration”). According to British anthropologist, Christopher Stringer, of Britain’s Natural History Museum: Africa is the only region that has a continuity of evolution from primitive to modern humans—first modern Europeans and Asians do not show up before 40,000 years Before Present (B.P.), Times Magazine, March 14, 1994.

Moreover, according to historian Marija Gimbutas, there existed an ancient civilization of Africoid peoples in Ancient Europe which came directly from the Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods.   They were characterized by a sedentary life, agriculture, a cult of mother goddess with many feminine divinities, a matriarchal, egalitarian, urbane and peaceful society.  It lasted from 6500 to 3500 B.C., and this society never knew War (Marija Gumbutas, Gods and Goddesses of Old Europe 7000-3500 B.C.: Myths, Legends and Cult Images (Berkeley:  University of California Press, 1982, USA).

According to Dr. Diop, this was unequivocally a society in every aspect, African.   Dr. Diop goes on to say research shows that this society was destroyed by barbarian Aryan-Whites who came from the Eurasiatic Russian steppes of the Caucasus Mountains (Diop, ibid. p. 19).  Writing toward the end of the period historians call the Greek Dark Age-the three or four hundred years following the Dorian invasions – the ancient Greek poet Hesiod (c. 700 B.C.E.) acknowledges that there once was a “golden race.”   Hesiod writes: “All good things” were theirs.  The Fruitful earth poured forth her fruits unbidden in boundless plenty.  In peaceful ease they kept their lands with good abundance, rich in flocks and dear to immortals” (Hesiod, Works and Days, quoted in, John Mansley Robinson, An Introduction to Early Greek Philosophy (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1968), pp. 12-12.   “The golden race were the black race and the golden age was the period before the arrival of the Whiteman” (Lawrence Guthrie, Making of The Whiteman, pp. 22-23, Beacon Communications, 1992, San Diego, CA., 92197, USA).

America: The oldest civilization known in the Americas was the Olmec, and it was of Black Africoid origin and flourished over a 5000 years period.   This civilization existed in the Americas before the arrival of the red Indians.  In fact, at the time of the Europeans arrival in Central and South America in the 15th century, descendants of the Black Olmecs were abounding throughout that region, particularly in Mexico.    In this regard, the testimony of Nicolas Leon proves instructive on how ancient the African presence was in America.   In fact, he says that Black people were the Original people of Mexico.  “The almost extinction of the original Negroes during the time of the Spanish conquest and the memories of them in the most ancient traditions induce us to believe that the Negroes were the first inhabitants of Mexico.” (Historia—General De Mexico, Mexico, 1919).

Riva-Palacio, a Mexican scholar stresses this point: “It is indisputable that in very ancient times the Mexicans recall a Negro god, Ixlilton, which means black – face.”   The Black Olmec Africoids were ethnologically connected to Africa’s Nile Valley Civilization (Dr. Diop, Nations, Negres et Culture, p. 116, Presence Africaine, Paris, 1955).  Moreover, in 1492 when Christopher Columbus was approaching the shores of the Americas, his Chief Navigator was a Black Moor from Mauritania name Don Pietro Olonzo Nino, Captain of the Flag ship—Maria, who logged in his diary as their ships approached the shores of the Americas, seeing Black Africans on land, as well as some sailing in large canoes leaving the shores of the Americas, heading out to sea in the direction towards the African Continent (John Jackson, Man, God, and Civilization, p. 286).  Descendants of the Olmecs who were living in America at the time Columbus arrived were the Black Wasschitaw of Mississippi, Black Mojave of California and the Jamassee of Georgia.

There is presently a law suit before the courts in the USA filed by a group of African Americans who claim to be descendants of the Black Wasschitaw Nation, and their Legal Claim is demanding the USA government return millions of acres of land taken from their forebears back to them.   The Olmec Civilization was known for its high order of Mathematics, Pyramids and Calendar.    Scientists today say the Olmec’s Calendar was more accurate than the modern day Gregorian Calendar in use (J. Jackson, Man, God and Civilization, quoting Colonel Alexandre Braghine, The Shadow of Atlantis, E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, 1940; Dr. Diop, Nations, Negres et Culture, ibid. p. 116); Professor Michael D. Coe of Yale University (1967) and Dr. Matthew Sterling (1938), Director of the Bureau of American Ethnology—branch of Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Moreover, Colonel A. Braghine says that he saw in a collection in Ecuador a statuette of a Negro that is at least “20,000 years old”.   He adds: “Some statues of the Indian gods in Central America possess typical Negro features and certain prehistoric monuments there undoubtedly represent Negroes” (Colonel A. Braghine, The Shadow of Atlantis, pp. 40-42, New York, USA., 1940).

A fitting statement was made by Professor Weiner of Harvard University (“Africa and the Discovery of America”, Vol. III, Philadelphia 1920-1922).   He shows how the culture of Americas so closely resembles African culture that one must conclude the African origins of America.   “The Identity of the spiritual civilization, down to the remotest details in the Sudan and in Mexico and elsewhere in America, leads to the assumption that other cultural elements, identical in both continents and frequently bearing the same name are of African origin.”   And lastly, R.A. Jairazbhdy, Ancient Egyptians and Chinese in America, has pointed out,  “The black began his career in America not as slave but as master” (Kemit, Kush, What They Never Told You in History Books, p. 27b, New York, USA). China: The Shang Dynasty (Chiang or Chi’ang) 1766-1100 B.C.E., was one of the oldest dynasties in China before the Mongoloid Asians came to power, and it was an all Black Africoid Dynasty (Runoko Rashidi-Essay by James Brunson, African Presence In Early China, p. 128, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick USA).   Also, today, in Southwest China are descendants of Ancient Black Africoids known as ‘Nahki’ in the Chinese language, meaning the ‘Black ones’.   They are also called the ‘Yi’ or ‘Nuoso’ (Toronto’s Globe and Mail Newspaper, 1998, Joseph S. Rock, ‘The Ancient Nakhi Kingdom of Southwest China, Volume I).

According to Dr. Diop, 15,000 years Before Present, interbreeding between the Black Africoid and Caucasoid white created the Chancellade Man (prototype of yellow race).   This contact was made around the Caspian Sea area of the Caucasus Mountains during the Reindeer Period in the Magdalenian Age.  The epicanthic eyelid developed as a result of this group migrating to Outer Mongolia where the high wind factor caused the eyelid fold (Dr. Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, p 16).  India: The first Indians were Black Africoid people.   The earliest Indian settlement dates from the 6th millennium B.C.E. and earlier.   The geographical area of existence was in today’s Baluchistan and in lower Sind, to the north and west of present day Karachi.   These cities were known as Mohenjo-Daro and Harappen.   The “elaborate construction of these cities with hygienic sewage systems was like a minute version of Manhattan Island New York” (Rashidi/Van Sertima, African Presence in Early Asia, p 91, Transction Publishers, New Brunswick (USA), 1985).

Between 3000 to 2500 B.C.E., barbaric Aryan-Whites coming from the steppes of the Caucasus Mountains destroyed this civilization, and interbreed with their Black female captives.   Modern Archaeologists have uncovered evidence which shows that in Mohenjo-Daro even women and children were beaten to death.   Historian H.G. Rawlinson pointed out: “Mohenjo-Daro inhabitants were put to the sword by the barbarian Aryan-Whites coming from the Caucasus Mountains.”

Also, author E. Hawkride, Indian Gods and Kings on page 10, tells of the savage barbarism inflicted on the Blacks by these Aryan-Whites from the Caucasus (Paul Lawrence Guthrie, Making of The Whiteman, page 11, Beacon Communications, San Diego, Cal., USA, 1992).   There are 160 million Black people living in India, today.   This is the largest known concentration of Blacks in any country in the world, including Africa.   Forty five million of these Blacks fall under the Indian Government’s classification—Adivasi.  This means the Original owners of India. Japan: The first Japanese were Black.  There is a very evident Negro strain in a certain element of the Japanese population, particularly those of south Japan.   H. Imbert, who is the author of Les Negritos de la Chine, also points out that: “The Negro element in Japan is recognizable by the Negroid aspect of certain inhabitants with dark and often blackish skin, frizzy to curly hair….The Negritoes are the Oldest Race of the Far East.   Skulls of these Negritoes have been found in the island of Formosa (Taiwan China, today) and traces of this Negroid element in the island of Liu-kiu to the south of Japan.   The oldest known inhabitants of Japan are the Ainus.

According to Churchward in his book ‘Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man’ the Ainu….are of the same original race and type as the Australian Aborigines and their bodies correspond with the rituals of Ancient Egypt.   Their skulls are of the same shape and average capacity of the Australians and Nilotic Negroes.  According to a Japanese proverb:  For A Sumari Warrior To Be Brave, He Must Have A Bit Of Black Blood (Dr. Diop, African Origin of Civilization—Myth or Reality).  The disappearance or extinction of these Black Africoid civilizations and its people throughout Europe (6000 years ago); Asia (2500-800 B.C.E.); and the Americas (3000B.C.E.), comes as a result of the dispersion of hordes of barbarian Aryan-White tribes coming from the Caucasus Mountains (4000 B.C.E. going).   These Aryan-Whites scattered throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas and destroyed these Black Africoid societies, interbreed with their female captives, creating other mixed racial groups along the way (example: Asians and Arabs), (Dr. Diop,Civilization or Barbarism, p 19).  Ancient Egypt: A Black Kingdom (Foundational Base of American & European Culture, Philosophy, Religion, Medicine & Science)

Some people are hostile to things they have rejected and do not see that this was an all African world before the advent of the European.  The Hyksos if they were Asian were African Asians – see Runoko – The indigenous peoples were African – Runoko has seen them.  So if they invaded they were invading their own lands.  The European has divided us up in groups – African-Asian-Indian and so forth so he can divide and conquer all of us.  Like that woman said he invented race to further is insane culture and now that we have adopted his categories and classify ourselves with his words then he with draws form the race issue making it a non-issue. I still believe that the original Hebrews were Africans and sons and daughters of the Egyptians.  I believe that the model of all societies sprung form the migrating African.  I believe we all need a intermediary to the almighty and so far my wits tell me it is Yahshua or God whether that was his given name or not, whether he lived 2000 years ago or 10,000 years ago and was an Egyptian Pharaoh I don’t care – I know that the reality of Messiah is true.  We see through a glass darkly – but one day we will see all face to face.  Marsha Stewart

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  1. Rashidi does great research. He’s been doing it for over thirty years. I’m glad I got to meet him twice at a lecture. It was nice to sit and chat with him afterwards. You can learn a lot listening to the elders. I suggest you get some of his books. I’ve learned so much about African history from his books.

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    1. Yes, he’s a great scholar and I stayed on his website Global African Presence, but it disappeared *shrugs* I know he’s on facebook, I need to join his facebook page and yes I will purchase some of his books. Thanks!

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